May 17, 2024

Our performing arts students are at Walt Disney World today and tomorrow. We are looking forward to performing at The Most Magical Place on Earth tomorrow! More pictures to come, we hope you all have a magical weekend too!

May 16, 2024

Good Morning Ohana!

We wanted to take a moment to recognize all of our amazing students and our incredible team for their hard work this year. While we don’t have access to Pasco’s and Florida’s proficiency levels at the K-2 level, we are proud of our K-2 students and wanted to highlight their work too! We are so proud of the impressive results, thank you for a wonderful year with us! At this time, we have concluded FAST Testing at Athenian Academy for the year. Below are proficiency results by grade level, Pasco’s current proficiency levels, and Florida’s current proficiency levels. We anticipate school grades being released in July. Congratulations on the fantastic results!

Athenian Kindergarten ELA: 70% and Math: 77%
Athenian 1st Grade ELA: 75% and Math: 77%
Athenian 2nd Grade ELA: 87% and Math 87%

Athenian 3rd Grade ELA: 80%, Pasco: 53%, and Florida: 55%
Athenian 4th Grade ELA: 83%, Pasco: 51%, and Florida: 53%
Athenian 5th Grade ELA: 74%, Pasco: 51%, and Florida: 55%
Athenian 6th Grade ELA: 75%, Pasco: 55%, and Florida: 55%
Athenian 7th Grade ELA: 61%, Pasco: 50%, and Florida: 50%
Athenian 8th Grade ELA: 86%, Pasco: 49%, and Florida: 51%

Athenian 3rd Grade Math: 84%, Pasco: 52%, and Florida: 61%
Athenian 4th Grade Math: 74%, Pasco: 48%, and Florida: 58%
Athenian 5th Grade Math: 74%, Pasco: 49%, and Florida: 56%
Athenian 6th Grade Math: 76%, Pasco: 56%, and Florida: 56%
Athenian 7th Grade Math: 83%, Pasco: 45%, and Florida: 47%

Athenian 5th Grade Science: 62%, Pasco: 48%, and Florida: 54%
Athenian 8th Grade Science: 86%, Pasco: 46%, and Florida: 46%
Athenian 8th Grade Civics: 100%, Pasco: 67%, and Florida: 67%
Athenian 8th Grade Algebra: 79%, Pasco: 46%, and Florida: 46%

April 11, 2024

Thank you to all who joined us for the spring performing arts program! Congratulations to all of our students, Ms. Sharman, Lexi, and Cassie on a wonderful performance! Our performing arts group is now preparing for their magical Walt Disney World trip and performance!

April 8, 2024

We are looking forward to our spring performance of Disney’s and Pixar’s Finding Nemo on April 10, 2024 at 6:30 p.m. at the Center for the Arts at River Ridge. In addition to Finding Nemo, our K-2 students will be performing a selection of songs too! Finally, this is a reminder that Athenian Academy of Technology and the Arts will be closed on Friday, April 12, 2024.