July 17, 2020

Our Dear Ohana, 

It seems like just yesterday we were wishing each of you a safe summer until our next adventure together. It’s been one of the busiest summers any of us can likely recall, as we have been preparing for the future with safety at the forefront. With our summer break now coming to a close, our next adventure is around the corner with much uncertainty for our heroes. 

As our plan was created, the team reflected on the 4 keys of Disney, which begin with safety as always the top priority. Disney provides experiences, entertainment, and joy to its guests; however, this isn’t possible without providing a safe experience for its guests. Similarly, we educate our kiddos, while providing fun and unique experiences for our kiddos; however, this isn’t possible without a safe learning environment for our kiddos.

As you read through Athenian Academy of Technology and the Arts’ Reopening Plan, which is located HERE, we hope you’ll be pleased with the many steps we have put into place to provide a safe experience for our kiddos. It is extremely important to note that this is a fluid situation and things continue to change quickly. As of right now, school will resume on Monday, August 10, 2020; however, this could change. 

After you have reviewed the document and had time to discuss the information as a family, please follow THIS LINK and submit your selection for the 2020 – 2021 school year. Please be sure to submit your selection(s) for each of your children at our school. Thank you for trusting us with your babies, we look forward to having our kiddos back soon so we can continue providing them with an incredible education and experiences. 

*Warm Hugs and Much Love*  We’ll see ya real soon!